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Pre Test Driving lessons Northern Ireland

Driving Test Car Hire specialise in both Pre Test Driving Lessons and Driving Test Car Hires for your Driving Test. We have 50 specially chosen Approved Driving Instructors at all 17 Northern Ireland Driving Test Centres who will tell you everything you need to know to Pass your Driving Test at the first (or next) attempt.

Driving Lessons

We’ll give you a complete driving lesson:

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What do Pretest Driving Lesson Packages include?

We have designed a Pre Test Driving Course that gives you the best chance of Passing.

Pretest 1:

We spend the first hour assessing your driving and spotting any behaviour that will lead to faults on your test. We can then continue to work on your driving and get you to a standard above what is needed to pass the test. This way even if you have a bad day or are overcome by nerves there is a big enough margin to still be able to pass. Anyone just about reaching the passing standard will not have this luxury.

Pretest 2:

This Hour is used to do a mock test where the Driving Instructor plays the part of the tester and directs you around the test route in the exact same way as will happen on the day of your test. Not only does this highlight any areas you need to focus on but prepares you for that feeling of being marked and it will not feel as strange on the driving test itself.

Pretest 3:
This final hour is used before the driving test to get you driving in a way that you know exactly what is needed/expected on the test. Once you can replicate this standard on the test itself you will pass. It is often used to highlight areas you might pick up “soft” faults on such as lack of progress, blind spots and the manoeuvres.

The course is split into a 2 Hour lesson and a 1 hour lesson starting 75 minutes before your test. We recommend booking the first lesson at least 1 week before the driving test so that if additional tuition is needed this can be arranged with your instructor.

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3 Hr Pretest £105
3 Hr Pretest £105
3 Hr Pretest £105
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